Welcome to Sibasi Ltd. We are passionate about providing Services and Solutions geared towards your Success! Our expertise in providing Information Technology (IT) services and solutions ranges from Web and Mobile apps, Business Process Automation, Data Capture and Business Intelligence to advanced ICT aspects such as Data Science, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.


Our team of consultants have more than 20 years combined experience providing consulting services to Government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Private Businesses including the Small and Medium Enterprises. We expanded our services from pure ICT consulting to other services related to the core IT solutions we offer including Consulting services for Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Performance Management, deployment services and ICT solutions management. Our in-house development team has capacity to build tools and services in many different languages and platforms including Java, Python, .Net, Android, iOS and our current favourite, Javascript (which includes Typescript, and NodeJS).

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Over the years, we have encountered needs for various types of ICT solutions and we have partnered with solution providers such as Microsoft to bring you solutions such as Office 365, Google Suite, SharePoint, PowerBI, Microsoft Dynamics Suite and many other partner based solutions. In areas we found the need was not fulfilled, we have developed our own in-house solutions including:

Monival™ – A monitoring and evaluation tool

CaseBI – A case management system

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Our efforts, our work and all our endevours are tailored to ensure you are able to achieve your success! We know that the definition of your success can range from one organization to another. As a company that has a very diverse skill set, we have capacity to ensure we provide you the right kind of services and solutions to ensure your success!


At Sibasi, we are happy to engage with you to see how we can help you get your ICT needs met.

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