is our solution for Monitoring and Evaluation available for public projects. The online solution is targeted for organizations and individuals who would wish to do Monitoring and Evaluation for public projects or even to get to test-drive Monival. The complete feature list and development plans are made available on

To ensure you are able to make use of the system without potential closure of the solution that may arise from unnecessary lawsuits and thereby the need to protect Sibasi Ltd and its partners, we provide the agreement which is summarised below. Any continued use of Monival is subject to the terms, conditions and warranties specified here. is provided under no warranty. No liability whatsoever is accepted by Sibasi Ltd or any of it’s development partners or solution sources, for any loss, gain, issues or problems that may arise or may be associated with the use of the solution. and it’s associate solution are the Intellectual Property of Sibasi Ltd. The solution also makes use of opensource software licensed under their respective agreements. These terms and conditions can be modified at any time without prior given notice, unless agreed upon in a duly signed contract with Sibasi Ltd. Your use of the solution assumes you agree to these terms.

Detailed terms and conditions can be provided by us upon request to [email protected]. If you wish to have a different agreement, please contact is on [email protected].