We offer a wide range of Services mainly related to the ICT solutions we offer through our expert consultants and engineers. Our team comprises of both software engineers and business analysts who have a wide range of experience providing core ICT related services as well as Consulting services for solutions that we provide. The team is capable of providing deployment, consulting and management advisory for ICT related matters as part of the core ICT related services as well as Business related consulting in a number of domains which are related to the software solutions that we provide.

Some of Services we offer

We are experts in:

Performance Management and Project Management consulting

Monitoring and Evaluation such as for Projects and Strategic Plans

Data analytics and Business Intelligence consulting

Deployment services for Learning Management Solutions

Our team also includes software engineers, designers and data scientists. This team can engage in web and mobile development, graphic and web app designing, data analytics and data science to provide you insights into your operations.

Our engineers also engage in specialized consulting in emerging technologies such as:

Cloud Computing


Artificial Intelligence

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